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By Jane Starky Up to 13% of couples have difficulty becoming pregnant in the U.S, according to the Department of Health & Human Services prompting many to turn to IVF. In vitro fertilization can have a high success rate, depending on a number of factors, including the. Although the success rates are still not as high as seen in normal responders to stimulation, they are significantly improved over the baseline success rates expected in poor responders. For this reason, I have been using growth hormone supplementation for many of my poor responding IVF patients.

Using HGH for IVF is fairly new therefore there aren’t a huge amount of studies to proving its success. So when we mentioned ditching it to my doctor he disagreed and said he thought it was really beneficial. He made a good point that just because we didn’t get pregnant how could we know the embryos wouldn’t be worse without it? First round of IVF without HGH and on my RE's max dose of stims resulted in one embryo 2BB boy. Second round of IVF the only change was HGH. Two embryos made it to PGS, one was an abnormal girl, other was a 6AA normal girl she just turned 1!. So the hormones doubled my results! No side effects. HGH cost $1000 out of pocket but totally worth it.

While some of these methods contribute to success, some others seem to have no significant effect. One of the promising modifications of IVF treatments was to use the human growth hormone HGH as part of an IVF medication regimen. While the industry had high hopes for the impact of HGH on IVF outcomes, the initial results were rather. I had success with saizen. We did 3 rounds of ivf with no success. For the 4th round I did 1 week of a high dose of saizen. I got pregnant with my son who is now 17 mo old. We had left over embryos so we just did another transfer. The saizen increases the egg quality. I did have side effects, extreme swelling. But it did go away.

Human Growth Hormone Administration in IVF: Does it Enhance Egg/Embryo Quality and Outcome? By Dr. Geoffrey Sher on 4th March 2016 The term “Biological Clock” is used to define the time line for a woman’s reproductive potential. 03/11/2014 · When my fertility doctor suggested we incorporate human growth hormone HGH into my IVF protocol, my first instinct was to raise a quizzical eyebrow. After all, to the best of my knowledge, the injectable drug is mostly the domain of overzealous athletes and anti-aging aficionados. I am neither. 12/10/2010 · My RE is recommending that we use human growth hormone hghbrand name Saizen on our next IVF cycle. I've done some reseach and it seems like primarily this is used in women over 40 to help with egg quality-I'm 31. Page 1 of 6 - Human growth hormone & what to expect - posted in IVF Ages 35: Hi all, My RE is recommending HGH for my next and final cycle along with max doses of menopur & bravelle. I am curious if any of you out there have any info you could share about outcome from response to beta day or beyond, about side effects and what you remember.

Used Saizen human growth hormone success & over 40? - posted in IVF Ages 35: Does the human growth hormone Saizen for example make a difference in egg quality?

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